Qur'an Chart Contest

Aims and Conditions

The aim of this contest is to help build the ideal Muslim based on the Qur'an. Indeed we know from the hadeeth of Aishah (ra) that our prophet's (saws) character was the Qur'an. Which means that the prophet (saws) followed the instructions of the Qur'an completely. In our times, this is a big challenge, in that many Muslims have no time to read the Qur'an, let alone be in the habit of continuous reflection over it, and therefore being an embodiment of it.

The contest and "Question of the Day" are based on the Qur'an Chart. The Qur'an Chart provides, Alhamdulillah, what we believe to be the easiest way to understand the Qur'an.

As a contestant, one should study the question of the day and its theme on the research page provided within the Quranchart.com website. Make your selection of what you believe to be the right answer. Say "bismillah" and submit your answer.

What will fulfill our mission at the Medina Research institute is for every participant to spend the rest of the day reflecting upon the ayah they submitted and on its theme. That mental and spiritual immersion is what will certainly lead to a life of great wealth! The greater the number of people who engage in that process daily, the better our Ummah and our world would be. That was after all the way the Companions (Sahabah) (ra) dealt with the Qur'an.


The main condition is to participate in this contest seeking to improve oneself, through the careful and systematic study of the Qur'an, not necessarily winning the prize.

The contest is open to every student of the Qur'an who shares with us the complete faith that it is indeed the greatest book on earth. The Book of guidance, mercy, wisdom, truth, justice, healing, enrichment, fulfillment, and strength - a book that will always provide solutions for every conceivable human dilemma.

Finally, the Qur'an is a gift from the Almighty Allah (swt) to all humanity, and it is indeed the honor of every Muslim to have a good relationship with it.

Question of the Day

Theme: "Worship"

The humanity of the scholars and true believers when listening to the Quran.

Look for the answers in suraw(surahs): 7,17,27,37,47,57,67,77,87,97, and 107.

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