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HAJJ Journey Towards the Qur’an

MRI is pleased to offer "Hajj Service 2019", whose hallmark is:

  1. A ten-day course on ten major themes in the Glorious Qur’an, taught by eminent scholars.

  2. A meeting with scholars from Alharamain Alshareefain will be arranged,

  3. Tajweed and Arabic courses will be offered insha’Allah.

  4. A Special Eidul Adha Program.

Our goal is to deliver an exceptional and wonderful Hajj experience at less than $7400 per person. Package does not include Udheya/Qurbani ($150) & Hajj Fees ($490) & VAT ($260).


Please reserve your seat through our logistics partner Noor Super Travel.Click here

Journey Dates:

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MEDINAH & MAKKAH, Saudi Arabia
Journey from Dallas and back to Dallas.


Br. Jahanur Subedar
MRI's HAJJ Services Manager

Question of the Day

Theme: "Worship"

The humanity of the scholars and true believers when listening to the Quran.

Look for the answers in suraw(surahs): 7,17,27,37,47,57,67,77,87,97, and 107.

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